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Project Summary


  • to make possible the distribution of interactive music via Internet preserving the owner rights and integrating in a unified model audio, symbolic and image formats.
  • to define and validate reliable mechanisms for protecting digital music objects; this will protect the original music version (image, symbolic, audio) and allow modifications and processing. The protection algorithms will be based on complexity and bound to an individual secret.
  • Adoption of a model for distributing music, taking into account the different needs of music consumers and the definition of detailed allowed operations on digital music.
  • To trial the model with tools for distributing and providing music to both visually impaired (spoken music, Braille music) and sighted people in a unified manner.
  • to place the basis for exploiting new functionalities, opening a market for several new products.
  • to disseminate and promote the benefits of the new model and solutions.

Description of work
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In order to reach the above objectives suitable activities have been planned. The basic research phases mainly fall within the first year of the project. Results produced will be verified and experimented with trial software which will be implemented in parallel for providing hints to the research activity. Integration phases have also been planned for merging the various aspects and research lines.

The project presents an activity for collecting user requirements (for all project duration), considering use cases description, setup and management of the users groups, definition and gathering of content for the further activity of validation. The system specification will consider WEDEL model and language, music editor, music analyser and interface, music viewer and listener, interfaces for blind people, image score watermarking, audio watermarking, printing score watermarking, encryption model, server database, local distributor.

The system development activity in the project will be devoted to define the WEDEL Model and Language for music distribution, watermark algorithms for images of music scores, watermark algorithms for audio files, watermark algorithms for symbolic music while printing, encryption/decryption solutions for protecting digital music in its formats.

Specific tools will be realised for experimenting the above solutions in WEDEL format: definition and trial of WEDEL Music Editor, integrator and converters; music analysers and processors; interfaces for blind people; viewers and listeners; server for distributing music in WEDEL format; local distributor for managing music in WEDEL format. The above aspects will be fully integrated.

A phase of final validation against users such as publishers, librarians, music schools, etc. will be performed.

The project will be maintained under control by an activity of assessment and evaluation in terms of scientific and technological quality and innovation, community added value and contribution to the EU policies, contribution to community social objectives, economic development and scientific and technological prospects, management and resources (for all the project duration). The results will be disseminated and the use plan will be prepared considering market analysis and technology watch. More specifically some promotional event such as a conference will be organised. The project will be managed considering the result of the activity of assessment and evaluation and maintaining the management as light as possible.

Milestones and expected results

(1)Uniform model and format for the distribution of interactive music including audio, images and symbolic aspects.

(2)Protection technologies for secure delivering of music;

(3)Viewers, players and analysers for sighted and blind people for reproducing music in the new format;

(4)Tools (server and clients) for distributing via Internet and managing music in libraries, music schools, etc.;

(5)Validation of the model defined by using tools and trial components.

Contact person
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Prof. Paolo Nesi

Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica
Universita' degli Studi di Firenze
Faculty of Engineering
Via S. Marta, 3
50139 Firenze, ITALY

E-mail: nesi@ingfi1.ing.unifi.it
E-mail: nesi@dsi.unifi.it
E-mail: p.nesi@computer.org
Office: +39-055-4796523
Lab: +39-055-4796425
Fax.: +39-055-4796363 or 730

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