WEDELMUSIC EDITOR allows publishers and consumers (theatres, orchestras, music schools, libraries, music shops, musicians) to manage the symbolic music; that is, music that can be manipulated: created, arranged, transposed, modified, reformatted, printed, etc., respecting copyright. It is an innovative support for preparing performances, studying music, analysing music, learning instruments, distributing music at low cost, etc. The same music objects will be available for traditional media and Braille. These innovative features are possible thanks to the definition and implementation of
  • a unified XML-based format for modeling music including audio, symbolic, image, document, etc.,
  • reliable mechanisms for protecting music in symbolic, image and audio formats.
  • a full set of tools for building, converting and storing music on the Internet

In the next some editor capabilities will be shown using the screen snapshoots.
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The editor window during the manipulation of a main score Editing a single part Print view

Symbols related menus Changing viewing parameters Changing printing parameters

Edit Menu Symbols Menu Format Menu

Execution Menu Misc Menu Changing symbols position

Justification Dialog Tablature Dialog Transposition Dialog