The Wedelmusic Server Database is a powerful tool intended for music publishers, labels, conservatories and any other organisation that can be interested in storing, managing and finally distributing music on the Internet.

Local music distributors can connect to the Server Database via the Internet, browse music catalogue, select the Wedel objects to purchase, buy them and finally download them - all strongly protected with security mechanisms.
The Server Database manages all the aspects related to storage, maintenance, e-selling and Internet delivery of Wedel objects, which are digital objects containing music sheets, audio files, image files, symbolic notation and more.

With the Wedelmusic Server DB you can:
  • Store and easily manage millions of music scores, high quality audio and video recordings, images and documents on a single DBMS with multiple disks support (CDROM or DVD jukebox, multiple Hard Disks),
  • Easily update the Database content, making new versions immediately available to users,
  • Directly publish on the Web your music catalogues,
  • Quickly and effectively browse and search the Database, also via Web,
  • E-commerce enable your business.
Web users can browse the publisher's music catalogue and search for the desired music objects, as well as any other information about the content of the Database. Commercial transactions (purchasing of music) are instead performed by Local Distributors using a reliable Secure Communication mechanism.

Key Features

  • Business model - every web user connected to the Internet and using a common browser can access the catalogue of the Database content via the Web Interface, and can retrieve demo data and preview. Local Music Distributors associated with the Wedelmusic Consortium can register themselves on-line on the Server Database in order to perform commercial transaction to acquire Wedel Objects. End users connected to a Local Distributor can access Wedel Objects using Wedel Editors, Viewers and any other Wedel-enabled tool.
  • Storage of Wedel Objects and all related components, maintaining the structure of the object and providing automatic uploads and updates of information such identification and classification in several languages from existing Wedel Objects (preparation of new Wedelmusic objects is performed in conjunction with the Wedelmusic Editor). The Server Database can manage very large amounts of data using storage mechanisms like CDROM or DVD Jukebox, battery of Hard Disks (Firewire Hard Disks) and providing backup support.
  • A Web Interface for direct Internet publishing and distribution of Wedel Objects and related information. The Web Interface can be integrated into an existing Web site or used to create a brand new one. Local Distributors and end-users can search for Wedel Objects to purchase browsing the dynamic web pages provided by the Server Database via an integrated Web server.
  • Authorisation Management allows users to select and purchase (and pay) only the desired Wedel Objects' components and to use them only for the desired operations, and ensures that for each component of a Wedel Object only authorised (and hence purchased) operations are performed. Before delivering Wedel Objects to a Local Distributor, the Server Database checks all the necessary authorisations and embeds into the object the list of all the allowed operation for each component (permissions configuration). These permissions allow the Local Distributor to use exclusively the purchased components according to the acquired authorisation and are valid only for the specific Local Distributor who bought them.
  • Different searching modalities for different kind of users allow easily retrieval of information about the content of the Database, either using a Graphic User Interface on the Server machine or the Web Interface.
  • Catalogue Updates Management allows the Server Database to offer Local Distributors always the complete list of the available Wedel Objects. Updates can be organised according to the different policies established by the various Local Distributors, selecting authors, genres, languages and other features of interest.
  • An extremely high level of security avoids unauthorised use of Wedel Objects, using advanced watermarking and encryption mechanisms. Wedel Objects are encrypted during the Internet delivery and remains encrypted on the Local Distributor side. Only the Wedelmusic Editor, using the proper decryption key can open these objects to perform only the authorised (purchased) operations. For each delivered object, watermarking allows the retrieval of the copyright owner name and the identification of the responsible Local distributor. Log files are produced to trace the whole server activity, with special attention to communication and transactions; accesses to the web site are also monitored and logged.
  • Key management controls encryption key generation and storage, manages Local Distributors' public keys and solves key requests issued by Wedel Editors, serving decryption keys to open Wedel Objects.
  • Accounting of performed operations allows to keep track of all the transactions successfully completed by all the Local Distributors connected, along with details about date, time, permissions acquired for a specific component, prices and payment systems. Information regarding operation performed on the Local Distributor's side are also recorded and transferred to the Server DB, in order to prepare bills and charge the respective accounts. The Server DB accurately monitors all Wedel Objects sales and deliveries, allowing automatic or manual checking and easy production of statistical reports.