WEDELMUSIC is an innovative idea to bring the music in the era of Internet totally respecting the publisher rights and protecting them from copyright violation.

WEDELMUSIC has been defined to allow publishers and end users (theatres, orchestras, music schools, conservatories, libraries, music shops, musicians, TV networks) of managing interactive music. That is, music which can be manipulated, arranged , transposed, changed, formatted, printed, etc., respecting the owners' rights and the real needs of end-users according to the copyright laws. WEDELMUSIC format consists in an innovative support to prepare public performances, to study music, to analyze music, to learn music, to safely distribute music at low cost, etc. A perfect format for the old and new multimedia applications of music that are foreseen in the next years: didactical CD ROMs, distance and remote teaching and learning of music, electronic stands or lecterns, the home TV as a way for playing or reading, virtual orchestras, etc.
These innovative features are possible because of the definition and realization of:

  • a unified format WEDELMUSIC for music modeling that includes audio, symbolic, images, documents etc. Such format is based on XML, that is the referring standard for the distribution of structured information and documents on the web.

  • reliable mechanisms for protecting music in audio, symbolic and image formats. The protection model integrates tools for the marking of the music and for the encryption with multiple keys. In this way it is possible for the publisher to demonstrate his rights property on the music piece and discover who eventually did a violation. Such protection tools are accompanied by a refined technique in order to keep trace of the single operations that are performed on each music piece and eventually credit these operations (print, transposition, execution, visualization, notation, etc.). These functionalities go far beyond the limits of the SDMI (Secure Distribution Music Institution).

  • WEDELMUSIC Editor is a fully integrated XML-based solution:
    • Producing interactive Digital Music (music that can be manipulated: transposed, arranged, modified, etc.). The model includes images of music sheets and audio files in an integrated manner, respecting copyright protection aspects and the owner rights, according to the WEDEL object format.
    • considering protection: images of music sheets, scores, audio files, documents, video, etc.
    • suitable for music shops, theatre archives, music schools, conservatories, libraries, etc. The proper tool for distributing music on the license of the publishers and at no costs of storage. You will pay what you sale/buy to the associated WEDELMUSIC Server and Local Distributors;
    • Recovering the owner identification by including hidden marks into audio and music sheets;
    • editing music by using a wide set of music notation symbols, respecting protection aspects and allowing personalization even on protected WEDEL objects;
    • Viewing music scores (from symbolic or image score format) and at the same time listening to any related audio files chosen, controlling velocity for learning and studying music pieces; automating the page turning;
    • Music manipulation: transposition, piano reduction, reformatting, adding/deleting single symbols, measures, parts, etc., manipulation of up to 4 voices per staff, systems for harp, piano, organ, tablatures, percussions, duration checking, note head definition, custom symbol definition, etc.
    • Printing music on the basis of the clients needs and formats, at any resolution;
    • Printing music in Braille format with the Braille Module of SVB;
    • Extracting excerpts of music scores and audio files on the basis of the user needs;
    • Adding lyrics by considering multilingual aspects;
    • Formatting music in an automatic manner or imposing personal formatting: justification, positioning, etc.;
    • Allowing the building of multimedia objects with audio, music scores, documents, etc.
    • Allowing the management of different versions of the music score;
    • Listening to music description for visually impaired people;
    • Editing music for visually impaired people;
    • Analyzing music scores from huge databases: comparison, searching, etc., with the WEDELMUSIC Editor Analysis Module of IRCAM;
    • Converting music from the most commonly used formats (SCORE, MIDI, MOODS, etc.) to WEDEL format;
    • Managing MIDI outputs and inputs;
    • Publishing your music with WEDELMUSIC;
    • Reducing time, costs and prices:
      • for modifying main scores and parts for rehearsals for music schools and theatres;
      • for delivering music scores from publisher towards their distribution;
      • to set up virtually huge music shops and libraries;
    Please note that several other functionalities are available.