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    Institutions and Industries that are using WEDELMUSIC in their day by day work and projects in which WEDELMUSIC technology has been adopted 


Arcipelago Musica - ITALY
Arcipelago musica is a no profit organisation located in Milan, Italy, inside the Fondazione Enrico Mattei of ENI.
They are active since 1995 in promoting cultural activities in the musica area and in managing a multimedia music mediateque. They organise events and meeting in which modern music is promoted.
 In the past they have built their mediateque with the support of several institutions and companies: Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Milano, Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione Stelline, HP Italia, Philips Italia, Fondazione Enrico Mattei, International Society for Contemporary Music. They have specific agreements with  several music publishers for using their content in the mediateque: BMG Ricordi, Rugginenti, Sonzogno, Curci, Suvini Zerboni e Warner Carish.

At the first contact, the mediateque was supported by a WEB based solution for the fruition of multimedia music content. Their content is mainly comprised of cataloguing information, identification information, audio files, pdf documents containing the scores, images of music scores. The WEB sever used before adopting WEDELMUSIC solution was based on ASP.  They decided to pass to WEDELMUSIC for the following functionalities is order of their relevance:

They are presently usin WEDELMUSIC for the following activities: Musica Attiva - ITALY
The Musica Attiva Association use WEDELMUSIC for: OPENDRAMA Project
The project aims at the definition, development and integration of a novel platform to author and to deliver rich cross-media digital objects of lyric opera and other vocal dramatic music, opening this heritage to a dimension of learning, exploring and entertainment.
It will provide the digital music market with innovative content for advanced publishing entertainment and audio-visual on-demand applications.
Features match musical streaming with OpenDrama will enable the online enhanced interaction of users with rich and adaptive cultural objects on broadband Internet and complementary media (ATVEF interactive TV, DAB radio, DVB broadcasts, DVD disks). WEDELMUSIC is used in OPENDRAMA to visualise and play music scores. In addition, the WEDELMUSIC Editor and converters from MIDI, Finale and Sibelius are used for the production of the music scores to be visualised.

Schola di Musica di Fiesole
The music school of Fiesole is using WEDELMUSIC for: