WEDELMUSIC allows publishers and consumers (theatres, orchestras, music schools, libraries, music shops, musicians) to manage interactive music; that is, music that can be manipulated: arranged, transposed, modified, reformatted, printed, etc., respecting copyright. It is an innovative support for preparing performances, studying music, analysing music, learning instruments, distributing music at low cost, etc. The same music objects will be available for traditional media and Braille. These innovative features are possible thanks to the definition and implementation of
  • a unified XML-based format for modeling music including audio, symbolic, image, document, etc.,
  • reliable mechanisms for protecting music in symbolic, image and audio formats.
  • a full set of tools for building, converting, storing, distributing music on the Internet

To distribute and receive music in symbolic format also allows to commercially exploit new functionalities for music consumers and, thus, it allows the opening of a new market for several specific applications.

WEDELMUSIC is a fully integrated solution:

  • Model for distributing interactive symbolic music (music that can be manipulated: transposed, arranged, modified, etc.). The model includes images of music sheets, audio files in an integrated manner, respecting copyright protection aspects and the owner rights, according to the WEDEL object format.
  • Servers for preparing and delivering WEDELMUSIC objects considering protection and accounting, fast retrieval of any component: images of music sheets, scores, audio files, documents, video, etc.
  • Local Distributors for locally storing and distributing music in the local area, suitable for music shops, theatre archives, music schools, conservatories, libraries, etc. The proper tool for distributing music on the license of the publishers and at no costs of storage. You will pay what you sale/buy;
  • Secure transaction between the Servers and the Local Distributor and from the latter to the clients; protection mechanisms that guarantee the secure distribution for a time duration comparable to the rights.
  • Recovering the owner identification by including hidden marks into audio and music sheets;
  • Music editors and visualisers for:
    • editing music by using a wide set of music notation symbols and respecting protection aspects and allowing personalization even on protected WEDEL objects;
    • Viewing music scores (from symbolic or image score format) and at the same time listening to any related audio files chosen, controlling velocity for learning and studying music pieces; automating the page turning;
    • Music manipulation: transposition, piano reduction, reformatting, adding/deleting single symbols, measures, parts, etc., manipulation up to 4 voices per staff, systems for harp, piano, organ, tablatures, percussions, duration checking, note head definition, custom symbol definition, etc.
    • Printing music on the basis of the clients needs and formats, at any resolution;
    • Printing music in Braille format;
    • Extracting excerpts of score music and audio files on the basis of the user needs;
    • Adding lyrics by considering multilingual aspects;
    • Formatting music in an automatic manner or imposing personal formatting: justification, positioning, etc.;
    • Allowing the building of multimedia objects with audio, music scores, documents, etc.
    • Allowing the management of different versions of the music score;
    • Listening to music description for visually impaired people;
    • Editing music for visually impaired people;
    • Analyzing music scores from huge databases: comparison, searching, etc.;
    • Converting music from the most commonly used formats (SCORE, MIDI, MOODS, etc.) to WEDEL format;
  • Reducing time, costs and prices:
    • for modifying main scores and parts for rehearsals for music schools and theatres;
    • for delivering music scores from publisher towards their distribution;
    • to set up virtually huge music shops and libraries;
Please note that several other functionalities are available.

If you are interested in attending the first WEDELMUSIC International Conference on WEB Delivering of Music please send an email to If you are interested in making your system WEDELMUSIC compliant or to be included in our beta tester and user groups please contact us via email or fax.