It is a full version without time usage limit of the WEDELMUSIC editor, Version 8.3 (WEDELMUSIC server and WEDELMUSIC Local Distributor are not included, this version can only work as stand alone editor and not as a client of WEDELMUSIC server to download WEDELMUSIC from Mediateques, Archives, Messageries, etc.) of non protected WEDELMUSIC object. This software can be freely redistributed without permission. The content has to be considered confidential and cannot be used for commercial purpose.

Additions in the version 8.3:

This version with a nicer and more user friendly user interface has been produced by EXITECH and has been given to DSI for assessment and trial as this one. This version does not contain large demo objects, they can be obtained by Mediateques. See in the following the visualization of the MEDIAVIEW Mode.

If you would like to see the effect of you content into a WEDELMUSIC object, please do not hesitate to send us the content and we will send you back a demo based on your content or the WEDELMUSIC protected object will be available ONLY for YOU on our Demonstrative WEB Server. Please send us a CD rom including cataloguing aspects, audio files, videos, images, images of music sheet, any symbolic music notation format that you have, music sheets in paper, colour images, etc. All kind of content that you have, doc, excel, Power Point, Flash, etc... no problem, any content can be included and protected into a WEDELMUSIC object.

For a complete and fully performance installation you need to be logged as ADMINISTRATOR of your computer. The WEDELMUSIC editor can be profitably installed on computer at least Pentium 3 with Windows 2000, or XP. It can work also on smaller computer with some limitations.
The components to install are:

Content and News
WEDELMUSIC is an innovative idea to allow the distribution of interactive music via Internet totally respecting the publisher rights and protecting them from copyright violation.
WEDELMUSIC allows publishers and consumers (theatres, orchestras, music schools, libraries, music shops, musicians) to manage interactive music; that is, music that can be manipulated: arranged, transposed, modified, reformatted, printed, etc., respecting copyright. It is an innovative support for preparing performances, studying music, analysing music, learning instruments, distributing music at low cost, etc. The same music objects will be available for traditional media and Braille. These innovative features are possible thanks to the definition and implementation of 
  • a unified XML-based format for modeling music including audio, symbolic, image, document, etc., 
  • reliable mechanisms for protecting music in symbolic, image and audio formats. 
  • a full set of tools for building, converting, storing, distributing music on the Internet
To distribute and receive music in symbolic format also allows to commercially exploit new functionalities for music consumers and, thus, it allows the opening of a new market for several specific applications.