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The main goal of WEDELMUSIC project is to study a new integrated format for distributing music in protected manner.
On the format a new stardard will be built with the effort of the several partners, companies and people, experts involved in the WEDEL project and User Groups already set.
If you have a interest to be maintained informed about the WEDELMUSIC evolution and next activities please send an email to
If you want to reach all people involved in this project send a mail to

WEDEL conference

In the 2001, november 23-24, the first WEDEL conference on this format will be organized in Florence.

WEDELMUSIC research results

WEDELMUSIC research results are:

  • the WEDEL Model and Format for distributing music in symbolic, audio, and image of music sheets in integrated manner guaranteing the absolute protection of it.
  • a WEDEL Editor for preparing music for the distribution, considering related documents, video, images, lyric, audio, symbolic, protections, allowed permission, classification and identification aspects, etc.
  • a WEDEL Viewer and Listener for: viewing music, manipulating music, listening music synchronously with the visualization of image score or symbolic music, generating MIDI, printing music with hidden watermark, etc.
  • a Music Analyser (as a plug in of the WEDEL Viewer and Listener) for querying music on the basis of the content, for analysing music content, comparing music, etc.
  • a WEDEL VIP editor for editing, printing, listening music for visually impaired people with the support of Spoken Music.
  • a WEDELMUSIC Server for distributing music via Internet, enforcing protection mechanisms via encryption and watermark.
  • a WEDEL Watermark tool set for watermarking (i) images of music scores, (ii) music sheets while printing them from symbolic music, (iii) audio file in the most relevant formats.
  • a WEDELMUSIC Local Distributor for getting music from the WEDELMUSIC Server and distributing it in a local corporate environment such as Libraries, Theatres, Conservatories, Music Schools, Orchestras, Music Shoops, etc. considering all the accounting mechanisms in the safe manner.

Other services

WEDELMUSIC provides you the following services in addition to the above tools.
The service consists in a support for adopting the WEDEL format and related basic tools:

  • the WEDEL Tool Kit for building your WEDEL Compliant applications of music editing, listening, etc. It includes: WEDEL Loader and saver with protection mechanisms, an audio loader and player, a MIDI loader and generator, a lyric loader and editor, a fretboard editor, a full object oriented model of music including symbolic notation elements, images of music scores and audio files, printing capabilities with watermark, WEDEL object components (classification, identiifcation, protection, etc.) navigator. etc.
  • The WEDEL Viewer and Listener with plug in capabilities for building your applications and using the WEDEL Tool Kit plus music notation editing capabilities.
  • Protection tools based on watermarks writers and readers and encryption
  • If the WEDEL format is adopted the above full set of tools can be used.

The early version of the WEDEL Tool Kit will be freely distributed for trial since July 2000.
Currently some EC Projects in the IST have accepted to adopt WEDEL format and model as a basis of their project proposal. This makes stronger the position of WEDEL format as an emerging standard for distributing music.

For further information please send an email to

Contact Person

Prof. Paolo Nesi

Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica
Universita' degli Studi di Firenze
Faculty of Engineering
Via S. Marta, 3
50139 Firenze, ITALY

Office: +39-055-4796523
Lab: +39-055-4796425
Fax.: +39-055-4796363 or 730