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WEDELMUSIC is an innovative idea to allow the distribution and sharing of interactive music via Internet totally respecting the publisher rights and protecting them from copyright violation.
WEDELMUSIC allows content distributor (publishers, archives, etc.), corporate consumers (theatres, orchestras, music schools, libraries, music shops), and users (students, musicians, etc.) to manage interactive multimedia music in WEDELMUSIC XML format. 
WEDELMUSIC objects may include: multilingual cataloguing information, music notation scores, audio files (e.g., WAVE, MP3, MIDI), image of music scores (PNG, TIF, PDF, etc.), multilingual lyric (XML), video files (MPEG, AVI, MOV, QT, etc.), documents (DOC, HTML, XLS, PDF, PS, etc.), pictorial images (TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc.), animations and sliding show (FLASH, PPT, etc.), synchronizations, etc., in any format. 
WEDELMUSIC solution presents:
  • reliable mechanisms for protecting multimedia content and Digital Right Management, 
  • tools for automatic building, converting, and storing, digital musical content, 
  • a unified XML-based format for modeling music including audio, symbolic, image, document, etc., 
  • tools for distributing, sharing digital content according to several business and transaction models.  

Any content, any where under WEDELMUSIC Digital Right Management and control 
To distribute, share and receive music in symbolic format also allows to commercially exploit new functionalities for music consumers and, thus, it allows the opening of a new market for several specific applications: sharing of multimedia music objects among archives, librarires, publishers, music groups, etc.

The WEDELMUSIC Technology has been evolved/used in other Projects and products:

  • FCD version of the MPEG symbolic music representation standard: w8632-MPEG-SMR-part-23-rev-public.pdf
  • LINK to IEEE Multimedia article on Symbolic Music Representation in MPEG: other links:
  • MPEG AHG on Music Notation, co-chair (with G. Zoia, EPFL) and management of the Ad Hoc Group of MPEG on Music Notation with EPFL., Please see the web site for the MPEG Call for Proposal on Symbolic Music Representation
  • free Tools -- CLICK HERE to GET MPEG-4 Player with SMR decoder including--
  • Link to MPEG SMR technology description on MEPG site: decription of MPEG SMR technology
  • usage of MPEG SMR in the IMAESTRO tools: MPEG SMR for IMAESTRO , MPEG SMR overview
  • usage of MPEG SMR into MAX/MSP tool: MPEG SMR for IMAESTRO ,
  • usage of MPEG SMR for cooeprative work on Music editing : MPEG SMR for IMAESTRO , I-Maestro MED overview
  • Free Music Notation Tools -- CLICK HERE to GET THE INSTALLABLE FILE including -:
    • Music Editor based on MPEG SMR format, for PC, Windows
    • Music Viewer based on MPEG SMR format, for PC, Windows
    • Extended Music Editor, the socalled WEDELMUSIC Editor FULL version , for Windows
    • Several examples of Coded Music in MPEG SMR and WEDELMUSIC format
    • MED: Music Editor and viewer based on MPEG SMR for MAX/MSP
      • you have to install the RUN TIME of MAX/MSP version 4.6 for WINDOWS
    • MUCS: Cooperative work support for MAX/MSP also for MED
      • you have to install the RUN TIME of MAX/MSP version 4.6 for WINDOWS
    • Chord editor in MPEG SMR format
    • w8632-MPEG-SMR-part-23-rev-public.pdf
  • AXMEDIS IST FP6, Integrated Projects, (as coordinator),, AXMEDIS consortium (producers, aggregators, distributors and researcher) will create the AXMEDIS framework with innovative methods and tools to speed up and optimise content production and distribution, for production-on-demand. The content model and manipulation will exploit and expand MPEG-4, MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 and others real and de-facto standards. AXMEDIS will realize demonstrators, validated by means of real activities with end-user by leading distributor partners: (i) tools for content production and B2B distribution; (ii) content production and distribution for i-TV-PC, PC, kiosks, mobiles, PDAs.
  • I-MAESTRO: IST FP6, STREP project, (as architectural coordinator). i-Maestro will utilise and improve upon current standards related to music education. The project aims to explore a unified educational model to maximise efficiency, motivation and interests in the learning processes and to contribute to the (i) deployment and improvement of ISO MPEG-SMR (Symbolic Music Representation) to support music education, (ii) the implementation of music notation/representation into MPEG-4, (iii) production of guidelines on how the music tuition courseware can be implemented in standard tools and models for distance learning.
  • MUSICNETWORK IST FP5 (as coordinator), Thematic Network, Technology Transfer, to reduce the technological gap from technology providers and content owners and distributors. A network of FP5 on which we have about 850participants, 10 working groups, 230 industries, etc. All the value chains of content and music industry are represented.
  • VARIAZIONI e-contentPlus project on the set up and usage of a content enrichment service on music based content by using solutions based on: MPEG-21 based, content processing GRID based, versioning management, DRM, collaborative content enrichment, content annotation, ;

WEDELMUSIC Editor has been recently used for the production of the music sheets (300o measures, main score and parts) for the first absolute representation of the Concerto of David, Azione Sacra of Francesco Bartolomeo Conti (1861-1732), Orchestra Vincenzo Galilei, Scuola Cantorum Francesco Landini, Direttore e revisione critica di Alan Curtis, Direttore del Coro Fabio Lombardo, in collaboration with Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Ministero per i beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Toscana, provincia di Firenze, Comune di Firenze, Associazione Musica Attiva, Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica, WEDELMUSIC.

Free downloadable version of the full WEDELMUSIC editor v.8.5 is available in the download area.