The Executed Music

Several discussions were performed in order to select the most interesting pieces to be executed during demonstrations. The early result was the fact that the some small pieces have to be identified from which the final pieces will be selected.
These pieces of music will be used for testing: database, MASE/MASAE and DLIOOs, hardware for lecterns HW-DLIOO and for the director HW-MASE/MASAE, and for testing MOODS <-> SCORE converter. For this reason, most of these pieces should be already present in NIFF format. This also avoids the costs of inputting scores into the MOODS system.
Moreover, since the early hypotheses were to built 5 prototypes of HW-DLIOO, thus, the number of parts has to be limited to 5, plus the machine of the director MASE and the machine of the archive chief MASAE.

For these reasons, the pieces used for the demonstration will be selected among:

In some cases, a violin could be substitute by a flute.

The Copyrights to produce some of the above scores of music have been provided by RICORDI a partner of this project.