The Best Pictures of MOODS
taken at Teatro alla Scala during the demonstration
- 22 September 2020 -

The execution of music has been directed by Maestro Carlo Moreno Volpini.
The musicians involved were:

The role of the Theatre Archivist was covered by: Timna Panfietti Monaco and/or Antonio Albino (DSI).
The role of MOODS configurator was covered by: Pierfrancesco Bellini (DSI)

The music used during rehearsals and execution were those selected at the begin of the project, and the following have been executed durting the demonstrationa at SCALA:

- ``Eine kleine Nachtmusik’’ (Serenate in G) of Mozart (1st movement);
- Le 4 Stagioni di Vivaldi (La primavera, 1st movement);
- La Traviata of Verdi (il preludio, the prelude of the first);
- La Traviata of Verdi (il preludio, the prelude of the third act).

Other available music pieces:

- Linda di Chamonix of Donizetti (symphony) for a group comprised of  two violins, a viola, a violoncello and a contrabass (first movement);
- Suite dei Boschi of A. Ferrari (IV movement) for a group comprised of one violin, a piano, a flute and a guitar.

The Musicians with MOODS in the Ridotto dei Palchi at Teatro alla Scala From left: M. Campanai (CESVIT), John Lomas (ARTTIC), Paolo Nesi (DSI, Project Coordinator), Maestro C. Tabarelli (SCALA), Laura Serra (SCALA), Cesare Freddi (SCALA).
A view of the first violin. A cello in background. Violins and viole at work.
Maestro G. Dotto (Casa Ricordi). In background the MOODS system and the presentation panel for slides. Musicians during the execution. On the Left the Archivist. Musicians at during the execution. In background the presentation panel for slides.
Musicians at during the execution. Prof. P. Nesi during technical demonstration. Dr. S. Moro during technical demonstration
From left to right: Prof. M. Durech (SMF),
Prof. G. Bucci (DSI), Ing. S. Mitolo (CESVIT),
Dr. C. Giachetti (CPR), Dr. A. Ciampa (CPR, INFN).
Ing. F. Cicillini (ELSEL)