MOODS - TETRApc HPCN ESPRIT Project n.25968

MOODS project consists in realizing a distributed system of lecterns/editors for music by starting from stand-alone editors/lecterns for music.

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A MOODS system consists in an integrated system of computer-based lecterns/stands which can be used for both editing and visualizing music in cooperative manner. The distributed system of lecterns is an innovative idea for automating and managing the large information used by  (i) orchestras during rehearsals and public performance of concerts, operas, ballets, etc. (ii) students of music during lessons in conservatories and schools of music, (iii) publishers during massive editing of music.

The targeted end-users are theaters, itinerant orchestras, groups of musicians, schools of music, television network orchestras, and publishers of scores.

Main objectives and results of MOODS project are:

Other interesting features of the MOODS system are: All these features leave at the artistic aim of compositors and directors more space for experimenting new effects and arrangements in few minutes. This opens a new era for the expressiveness of the artistic aim of director/maestro establishing a more direct feedback from its requests and results produced from the orchestra or with its pupils.

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