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Bioengineering Research Group

Publications 1999

Journal and Book Chapters    
G.Nuzzaci-A.Evangelisti-D.Righi-G.Giannico-I.Nuzzaci: "Is There Any Relationship between Cold Induced Vasodilatation and Vasomotion?" Microvascular Research, Vol. 57, 1-7, 1999.    
M.Baroni-G.Congiu-A.Del Bimbo-A.Evangelisti-E.Vicario:"Symbolic Representation and Visual Querying of Left Ventricular Image Sequences".Medical Informatics, Vol. 24, N 1, 33-52, 1999.    
  C. Marchesi, Taddei A, A. Macerata, S. Dalmiani, G. Cecchetti, C. Carpeggiani, L. Chelozzi, A. Fiaschi, "Medical record system for cardiology and cardiac surgery," in Computers in Cardiology, in stampa.1999.    
  C. Marchesi, S. Berdondini, F. Ermini, M. Varanini, A. Taddei, and M. Emdin, "A personal device aiding cardiac patient's cooperative decision making," in Computers in Cardiology, in stampa .1999.    
  G. A. L'Abbate, A. Taddei, C. Marchesi, and A. L'Abbate, "Integration of multimodal data of cardiac diseases in a dynamic 3-D heart model," in Computers in Cardiology, in stampa .1999.    
  C. Marchesi, "Bioingegneria, voce dell'Universo del Corpo," in Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana fondata da G. Treccani, vol. 2, pp. 127-134. 1999    
Conference Proceedings    
O.Ortolani-A.Evangelisti-A.Conti-L.Agostini-M.Maggini-S.J.Roberts:"Automatic Intravenous Anaesthesia Delivery by Means of EEG Signal Processing and Control". EMBEC'99, Vienna, Austria, 1999.    


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