Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica

Concurrency and Mobility Research Group

Publications 1999


Journal and Book Chapters      
  Corradini,F De Nicola,R. and Labella,A. Models of Nondeterministic Regular Expressions. Journal of Computer and System Sciences.    
  Corradini,F De Nicola,R. and Labella,A.A Finite Axiomatization of Nondeterministic Regular Expressions. Rairo - Theoretical Informatics and Applications, to appear.    
  Chen,X.J. and De Nicola,R. Algebraic Characterizations of Decorated Trace Equivalences, Theoretical Computer Science,to appear.    
  De Nicola,R., Pugliese.,R. Linda based Applicative and Imperative Process Algebras. , Theoretical Computer Science,to appear.    
  De Nicola,R., Ferrari,G.-L., Pugliese,R., Venneri,B. Types for Access Control. Theoretical Computer Science,to appear.    
Conference Proceedings      
  R. De Nicola, G.-L. Ferrari, R. Pugliese. Types as Specifications of Access Policies', In Secure Internet Programming: Security Issues for Distributed and Mobile Objects (J. Vitek, C. Jensen, Eds.), Lectures Notes in Computer Science, 1603, pp.117-146, Springer, 1999.    
  R.De Nicola, Boreale,M, Pugliese.R., A theory of "May" testing for Asynchronous Languages.In Proc. of Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures} (FoSSaCS'99),Lectures Notes in Computer Science 1578 (W. Thomas, Ed.), pp.165-179, Springer, 1999.    
  De Nicola,R., Coordination and Access Control of Mobile Agents.Invited paper for the Third International Conference on CoordinationModels and Languages. Lectures Notes in Computer Science, 1594, pp.1-2, Springer, 1999.    
  De Nicola,R.,Boreale,M., Pugliese.,R. Proof Techniques for Cryptographic Processes'. In Proc. of the 14th IEEE Symposium Logic In Computer Science} (LICS'99), IEEE Computer Society Press, pp.157-166, 1999.    


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