WEDELMUSIC 2001 Conference 

23-24 November, Firenze, Italy.
Conference Location: Limonaia of Villa Strozzi
Centro Tempo Reale
Villa Strozzi Via Pisana 77
50143 Firenze, Italy

Final Program

  23 November WEDELMUSIC
24 November
25 Sunday Special Meetings 26 Monday


9.00 Opening S4   Opening
9.20 Keynote S4    
9.40 Keynote S4    
10.00 Keynote S5    
10.20 Break Break   Break
10.40 S1 S6    
11.00 S1 S6    
11.20 S1 S6    
11.40 S1 S6    
12.00 S1 S6    
12.20 S1 S6    
12.40 Lunch S6   Lunch
13.00 Lunch Lunch   Lunch
13.20 Demonstrations Lunch   Lunch
13.40 Demonstrations Demonstrations    
14.00 S2 Demonstrations    
14.20 S2 S7    
14.40 S2 S7    
15.00 S3 S7    
15.20 S3 S7   Break
15.40 Break Closure    
16.00 Demonstrations x    
16.20 Demonstrations x    
16.40 Demonstrations x    

===============23 November, 2001=============

9:15 -- Opening

9:20 -- Keynote Speaker

Understanding Jazz: The structures of Swing, Denis Baggi, ICIMSI-SUPSI, Switzerland 

10:20 -- Coffe Break

10:40 -- S1 -- Music Protection

  • Blind Detection of Multiple Audio Watermarks, M. Arnold, Z. Huang 
  • High Capacity Information Hiding in Music Scores, M. Schmucker, W. Funk
  • Using Musical Features for Watermarking Music Scores, M. Schmucker 
  • Watermarking Music Sheets While Printing, M. Monsignori, P. Nesi, M. B. Spinu.
  • Watermarking-Based Copyright Protection of Internet-Delivered Multimedia, F. Bartolini, A. Pica, M. Barni 
  • Content protection and usage control for digital music, C. Xu, Y. Zhu, D. D. Feng 

12:40 -- Lunch and Demonstrations

14:00 -- S2 -- Music Editing and Recognition

  • Automatic Formatting of Music Sheets, P. Bellini, R. Della Santa, P. Nesi. 
  • Music Editors for Visually Impaired Persons: User Interface Specifications and System Design, C. Malliopoulos, S. Raptis, S. Bakamidis, A. Georgaki
  • Optical Music Sheet Segmentation, P. Bellini, I. Bruno, P. Nesi 

15:00 -- S3 -- Applications

  • The European Music Navigator: To build bridges between local, national and global cultures using the ontology based search technology Melvil, P. Rantasa, C, Doegl
  • Web Delivery Of Music Using The Guido Note-Server, K. Renz, H. Hoos 

15:40 -- Coffe Break and DEMONSTRATIONS

17:00 -- end of Demonstrations

============24 November, 2001============

9:00 -- S4 -- Music Modeling and Distribution

  • Data Models for Virtual Distribution of Music Scores, E.Selfridge-Field, W. B. Hewlett, C. S. Sapp
  • Music Information Description by Mark-Up Languages Within db-Web Applications, M. Longari, G. Haus
  • Wedelmusic Format: An XML Music Notation Format For Emerging Applications, P. Bellini, P. Nesi 

10:00 -- S5 -- Culturale Heritage

  • Saving the Multimedia Musical Heritage of Teatro Alla Scala for Querying In A Web-Oriented Environment, L. Diana, E. Ferrari, G. Haus 

10:20 -- Coffe Break

10:40 -- S6 -- Audio Fruition and Manipulation

  • Audio Morphing Different Expressive Intentions for Multimedia Systems, S. Canazza, G. De Poli, C. Drioli, A. Roda', A. Vidolin 
  • Flycasting: Using Collaborative Filtering to Generate a Playlist for Online Radio, D. B. Hauver, J. C. French 
  • Globe Music: the Internet Scale of E-Music Making, M. Mühlhäuser, M. Welzl, J. Borchers, R. Gutkas 
  • Karc: Radio Researc, F. Pestoni, J. L. Wolf, M. A. Habib, A. Mueller
  • Real Time Musical Events Streaming Over Internet, D. Fober, Y. Orlarey, S. Letz 
  • The Neural Network Model of Music Cognition Artist And Applications to the WWW, F. Piat 
  • The Recording Studio that Spanned a Continent, J. R. Cooperstock 

13:00 -- Lunch and Demonstrations

14:20 -- S7 -- Music Analysis and Classification

  • Classification of Melodies By Composer With Hidden Markov Models, E. Pollastri, G. Simoncelli
  • Content-Based Identification of Audio Titles On The Internet, H. Neuschmied, H. Mayer, E. Battle 
  • Musical Data Mining for Electronic Music Distribution, F. Pachet, G. Westermann, D. Laigre
  • Similarity in Computational Music: a Musicologist's Approach, J. Barthelemy, A. Bonardi 

14:40 -- closure of scientific part

============25 November, 2001============

Special Meetings organized by:
Tempo Reale and DSI, University of Florence

============26 November, 2001============

Workshop: Contemporary Music Digital Publishing

Organized by Tempo Reale
with the collaboration of DSI, University of Florence

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