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Download WEDELMUSIC flyer(zip file - 297Kb)
File name Size Description ZIP(size) date WEDELMUSIC Flyer zipped(297Kb) 07/2000
gsv26550.exe3410432 ghostview for windows - needed for printing selfextracting 02/2000
installation.txt4101 installation info 02/2000
moods-v1.0.2.exe1262987 MOODS for windows ver.1.0.2 selfextracting 02/2000
moods-v1.0.1.exe1205882 MOODS for windows ver.1.0.1 selfextracting 02/2000
MOODS-User-Manual-v-3-8.doc ---- Moods User Manual - version 3.8 zipped(1618989) 02/2000
MOODS-user-manual-v-3-8.pdf2166288 Moods User Manual - version 3.8
(lighter, with low resolution images)
zipped(1965318) 24/01/2021

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