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Date Time: December 10, 2020     11:30 AM
Information: Il Prof. Douglas Rogers terrą un seminario dal titolo : "Stacks, sequences, lattices and light paths" presso l'Aula Seminari del Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica, Via Lombroso, 6/17 FIRENZE.
Contact: Prof. Renzo Sprugnoli sprugnoli@dsi.unifi.it     055 4796735

Date Time: December 13, 2020     11:00 AM
Information: Il Prof. M. Missikoff terrą un seminario dal titolo : " Ontologie Simboliche. Una introduzione sistematica sui linguaggi, gli strumenti e le applicazioni", presso l'Aula Caminetto della Facoltą di Ingegneria, Via di Santa Marta, 3 (50139) FIRENZE.
Contact: Prof. Giovanni SODA soda@dsi.unifi.it     055 4796260




Workshops /Symposiums

Date Time: April 9, 2020
Information: "The Sixth International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems",
April 9 - 11 ,2003
ISADS 2003
Pisa, Italy.
The scope of discussion on ADS (Advanced Distribuited Transportation Systems) shall include, but not be limited to :
* Computer and communication architectures/intelligent network/Internet,
* Heterogeneous distributed information/control systems;
* Mobile agent/computer-upported cooperative works;
* Distribuited software development and maintenance;
* Assurance, fault tolerance and on-line expansion;
* Object management architecture/design pattern/application frameworks;
* Emergent control and robotic systems;
* Novel applications : electronic commerce, telecommunications, information service systems, manufacturing systems, real-time event management, office automation, traffic and transportation control, logistics systems.

For general information see our WWW page at:
Contact: Prof. Andrea Bondavalli a.bondavalli@dsi.unifi.it     055 4796776

Date Time: October 6, 2020
Information: 22nd Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems


Centro Studi CISL, Florence, Italy.

The Symposium on Reliable Distribuited Systems provides a forum for researchers and practitioners who are interested in distribuited systems design and development, particularly with non-functional properties such as reliability, availability, safety, security, and real time.
We welcome original research papers as well as papers that deal with design, development and experimental results of operational systems. We are also soliciting papers for an experience track that present on-going industrial projects, prototype systems and exploratory or emerging applications.
Contact: Prof. Andrea Bondavalli a.bondavalli@dsi.unifi.it     055 4796776


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